Buffalo Bills Circle The Wagons, But Did The Wheels Fall Off?


It’s a sunny Monday morning after a Buffalo Bills victory. It really doesn’t get much better for Bills fans. The team is sitting in first place in the AFC East, and for once we had a quarterback put up strong numbers. But, looking back on the win I think it is safe to say that despite the victory not a single coaching job was made safe yesterday. The Bills were able to circle the wagons, but the wheels may have fallen off.

It was great to see a passing game that resembled a NFL passing game. Newly named starter Kyle Orton has a solid numbers. Throwing for 308 yards, and completing 69.8% of his

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throws. However, even with solid numbers the Bills offense struggled to put up points. Yes, I know the Detroit Lions have a strong defense, but there were still bad play calls, and weird play selections. After moving Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to the booth I was expecting some of the goofy calls to go away. But, once again Buffalo looks a bit stale. This could all be worked out come next week’s game. The lack of scoring could also be contributed to a new QB, and OC trying to work with each other I’m hoping that is what’s going on.

As this season moves along and Terry and Kim Pegula are named owners this week; every coach on the staff should start to worry. Winning is the game goal of any game and team, but how you win will be taken into account. Let’s just focus on yesterday’s game. The Bills do not come out of Detroit with the win if it wasn’t for the Lions kicker imploding, and yes that is all part of football. But Doug Marrone and his coaching staff need to figure out a way get the wins on their own.

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I’m left with a lot more questions than answers going in to week six vs. the New England Patriots. A three and two record is amazing and if asked about his seven weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought this would happen. I’m sorry if this comes across as trying to rip apart a victory. That’s not the case at all. A win is a win, but as I fan I care about how we win as well. After missing the playoffs year in and year out; I’d hate to see coaching and play calling come back to haunt us. This year feels different, except the Bills still don’t seem to have the right coaching staff, and well there is the big question; do we truly have a real starting quarterback?