Easy Bills Fans; With EJ Manuel You Get What You Draft


It’s all going to be okay. After three games the Buffalo Bills are 2-1, and sitting atop the AFC East. Now, if taken at face value Bills fans would be the happiest fans in the NFL. But there is a catch. EJ Manuel looks like a third round pick, and maybe he should.

The Buffalo Bills pick Manuel 16th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft; a move that shocked some experts, and baffled some fans. There is a lot to question; Manuel’s skill set is that of a late second to third round pick. Simply put the Bills reached and now the franchise and fans are suffering. Clearly after 13 games Manuel is showing he is just an average quarterback. The up aside here is as we have seen it is possible to win some games with an average quarterback.

While calling the plays at Florida State Manuel never have a completion percentage over 68%, so far for his career in the NFL Manuel is putting up 59.9%.  To make matters worse Manuel currently ranks 25th in the NFL. Look, I’m not giving up on the guy but let’s be realistic.

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The Bills did not draft the next big thing; they drafted someone who could keep the position warm until the right supporting cast is on the roster. The hard part is with no number one pick next year maybe  EJ Manuel should get a third season to figure it out. Sorry, Kyle Orton fans; I’m not sold that he will do any better with this team. Mainly because I don’t think this is solely Manuel’s fault.

Nathaniel Hackett doesn’t seem to understand how to use his talent. He has a scrambling quarterback, and a potential top ten running back and an injured potential start rookie WR, yet there is very little pressure being put on defenses. Despite the 2-1 record the Bills offense ranks 23rd in the NFL, and there is no sign of improvement.  How can anyone expect Manuel to produce when he is not a top talent, and expectations are unreal.

Manuel can keep it close, but he has not shown much ability to come from behind. As stated before when you draft a third round talent 16th overall you get what you get. For Bills fans the only hope is something clicks and some teams fall apart.