NFL Takes Aim at Buffalo Bills Fans


The Buffalo Bills haven’t looked very good this preseason, but there are other problems in Bills country. The NFL seems to be targeting Buffalo Bills fans and their tailgating livelihood. It was reported by several media outlets last week that the NFL wants the Bills to have a new stadium as part of their long-term plans for the Western New York area. In doing so the NFL has put tailgating at risk.

Buffalo is home to some of the greatest fans in the NFL, and tailgating is a rite of passage in WNY. But, if the NFL is dead set on a new stadium fans beware. A downtown stadium will reduce your beloved tailgating to a trunk in a parking ramp, and that may be if you are lucky. That’s not to say a new location couldn’t be found to keep the tailgating tradition alive, but

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  • that could depend on who ends up buying the Buffalo Bills.

    I understand that the NFL has taken the position of they want the fans in Buffalo to have the same in-game experience as other teams, but what the NFL doesn’t understand is fans in Buffalo don’t need a Billion dollar stadium or $12 beers to enjoy the game. All we need is what we have. There is a very big difference between need and want and that is a big part of the disconnect between the NFL and Buffalo. This area may be considered small market, but our fans rival any big market you have out there.

    The idea of a forced new stadium is as big of a joke as the blackout rule. The NFL is showing it couldn’t really care any less about Bills fans or their traditions; it’s only about lining their pockets. I’m a little concerned, if the NFL gets their way the Bills will have a completely different in-game experience because once you take away fans ability to create their experience you will only be left with suits and ties in your stands.

    It’s time that fans are heard, and we all let the NFL know where we stand on this. Tell the NFL to back off and let the Buffalo Bills and the Erie County decided what is best for Buffalo and our team.