C.J. Spiller Is The Key


Lately there has been a lot of talk surrounding C.J. Spiller. People have talked about a trade, and others have spoken about signing Spiller as long-term solution. While the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle; could there be a chance that the Bills have had a plan all along?

During this year’s NFL Draft the Bills gave up next year’s number one pick to draft WR Sammy Watkins; while the Bills were in need of a top talent receiver the price was high. But, could there have been a plan all alone? Did the Bills give up that pick hoping to reacquire it using Spiller at some point? There were reports that the Eagles offered a top pick for Spiller and the Bills did not take the bait. Maybe that was because they didn’t think the time was right.

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For Spiller the idea of being traded to a better team with a clearer future may be ideal, but with the NFL money talks. If the Buffalo Bills offer him a four-year deal at let’s say $30 million Spiller may stay in Buffalo. C.J. Spiller draws some comparison to Watkins in that they are both first round picks, and in some way the price was too high to get them. However as the Bills future starts to take shape so should the future of Spiller.

He may be the key for the Bills to finally make the playoffs, but it may not be how you think. The NFL is an injury prone league and teams will need running backs, if the right back goes down the Bills would be foolish not to entertain the idea of a trade. On the flip side if Spiller is having a good year, and things are as is the Bills should at the very least try to sign the back. Having Spiller on the roster is really a win no matter how things play out.

While I’m not a big Spiller fan; however he has value either in trade or in signing. The main goal should always be just get better, and no matter what the Buffalo Bills do they will get better by using C.J. Spiller.