Buffalo Bills: Worst-to-First


Jul 21, 2014; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) passes the ball as head coach Doug Marrone (far right) watches during training camp at St John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills started their training camp a couple of days ago and the excitement and hype that came with that for Bills fans alike, was as if the Buffalo Bills had just one the Super Bowl.

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The expectations are running high as they should be as everyone at this stage is undefeated, but it is more than that, the group of players and coaches surrounding this organization is one that has the potential to continue the tradition of worst-to-first, and for Buffalo and their 14 year drought, it is time for them to turn this around.  Why just squeak by and make the 6th spot for the playoffs, take the division, if not the conference.

"“That was the plan for all the moves this year,” Bills GM Doug Whaley said, as practice opened on a perfect Sunday evening. “Listen, we’ve been in doldrums for 14 years. Let’s do everything we can to get into the playoffs. We owe it to our fans, we owe it to our late Hall of Fame owner, and we owe it to these players and the staff and the employees. That’s why we made the bold move in the draft. That’s why we did what we did in free agency. Do we believe we have it? Absolutely.”– NFL.com"

15 teams, since 2002 have done the worst-to-first trick in the NFL.  6 of those times came from the NFC South as well.  With the Bills on the market, what better way to ring in the new owner with a playoff season.  Starting fresh and not having any unwanted 14 year baggage attached to a team that you just bought.

"“Without a doubt, especially for an older guy like me who’s been here,” veteran tailback Fred Jackson said. “We gotta get it done. There’s no time like now. We have to get it done. Everybody’s expecting it. Our fans, 14 years is a long time. Not to mention it sucks for us. This is my ninth year here in Buffalo, and my best record has been 7-9.”– NFL.com"

For the Bills it is the here and now, and now is the time.  Changes are being made and a direction has been decided. Take hold of the reigns and hold on for the fight of your life.  Prove, not only to the fans, but to yourselves that you can do it.  To take a line from NIKE: JUST DO IT!