Ex Bill Whitner Runs Mouth on Twitter


Donte Whitner lashed out at two big people in the Buffalo Theatre of sports today. Two were directed at Sammy Watkins the Buffalo Bills and the last of the day is directed a sports writer Tim Graham. The tweets can be seen here but have both Buffalo and Cleveland fans firing barbs on social media.

The easily provoked Ex-Bill is running his mouth once again on twitter and has become enraged because of a rather benign article written by Nate Ulrich of The Akron Beacon Journal (which can be seen on Ohio.com). It was an interview conducted at the Rookie Symposium earlier today. Whitner recently signed with the Browns after previously playing with the San Francisco and the team he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Whitner, who earlier this year tried to change his name legal to Hitner, fired the first shot with this tweet.

Watkins cooly returned fire with this…

Then Whitner lashed out at the fans who used to cheer for him and possibly saying that he would intentionally injure Watkins.

Finally he lashed out at Buffalo News reporter Tim Graham.

Now I will be the first to say that I rarely agree with Graham. However, it was frankly as stupid move of Whitner to attack a member of the media in such a childish way. This whole event was capped off by Whitner once again attacking the Buffalo Fans…

This battle of barbs is just a childish attempt of someone who is on the last legs of their career and a dinosaur in an ever changing world. Whitner is in a league that is rapidly excelling past a time when unathletic hard hitting strong safeties patrolled the centers of the field looking to take an unsuspecting receiver’s head off. Sadly, he can tell this and is so desperate to hold onto his time in relevance that he will take any opportunity to take advantage of the spotlight of a player with much greater talent. At this point, it’s just pathetic when the ex-Bill Whitner runs his mouth on twitter. Its like that guy that you knew from High School who was the stereotypical jock who ran the school. Now fast forward ten years, he’s now bald working some dead end job making minimum wage, and when you first see him he immediately reminds you of that embarrassing thing that he did to you. Some torturous thing that made everyone laugh for about a week but then was forgotten about by everyone except him. This is the sad reality that Whitner faces, he living in a new world where he is started to not be needed anymore. Buffalo fans we should not feel anger at his reaction, but rather pity because at the end of the day that’s all he’s got, he’s just a dinosaur waiting out his inevitable extinction.