Jerry Hughes Joining Dareus in Hot Water


Dec 22, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Jerry Hughes (55) during the first half against the Miami Dolphins at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We have been looking at the recent Marcell Dareus incidents that could lead to an arrest as well as a suspension from the league.  He is not the only Bills defensive player to be in this situation.  Jerry Hughes is reported to be the second driver in the drag racing incident back on Friday, May 30th where Dareus decided to park his car into a tree.  Hughes could be the one that left the scene and has been eluding law enforcement up until now.

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Coach Doug Marrone is aware of the situation and at this point, other than his word, no signs point to him handling it.

"“I do have knowledge of it, but I cannot disclose that information at this time because of the legal process.”"

Marrone has also acknowledge that the other participant in the May 30th street race, was in fact another Bills player.

"“I can’t elaborate too much on that.”"

The Hamburg police released a statement that the other car in the incident was a black camaro.  One teammate as been seen driving a black camaro at high speeds before, Jerry Hughes, but this is in no way proof of his guilt or that he was even there.  Back in January of 2014, Hughes’ black camaro was taped driving at high speeds.

Here is that video.

Now with half of the defensive line possibly being suspended in some form, what do the Bills do at this point?  Hughes was just beginning to turn his career around having his best year, last year and now the stupidity of both of them is ridiculous.  These guys, no matter of age, are professional football players and  whether they like it or not, are role models to some people somewhere.  Any player coming into the NFL, should understand and know that they are in the spot light.  Everybody says, well they are humans too, that is all well and good but if any of us did this we would face the consequences and not get a free ticket.  Face the consequences and deal with your decisions as you should.

Most of us would lose our jobs and go to jail for what Dareus has already done, where are their second and third chances.  I know that if any of us did what Hughes allegedly did, street raced and then eluded police and ran from the scene of an accident, we would be in police custody at this point.

This also goes, not only to the Bills, but for the entire NFL.  Jim Irsay should be fined and suspended as an owner with a drug problem.  The Owners should be under the same scrutiny players are and dealt with the same way.  Money shouldn’t be a cause to fix everything or side-step any issue, unfortunately it is and this is the society that we live in.