Does This Loss Help Pettine Stay?


Aug 29, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine during a game against the Detroit Lions at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Lions won 35-13. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no way to get around this terrible loss but one thing you could do is try and find some positives. In a time like this people will no doubt focus on the player/ plays that cost the Bills the game nonetheless looking at the bigger picture I think this actually helped the Bills. What I’m talking about is the job safety of our defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

Is there anything bad you could say about the guy? My guess is yea but you’ll have to do some digging especially this year. He has not only changed this defense completely and has them competing but also taken two players that have been talked about as being potential busts and has them playing very well.

The first guy that he has revived in my eyes is Marcell Dareus. Since being selected 3rd overall in the 2011 draft he hasn’t been everything fans and this organization has hoped for. The player they were hoping for was the dominate guy on the line getting to the quarterback and stuffing run plays. His first two years are definitely years he would like to forget as I can remember plenty of games where you had to ask if he was even playing. Now I know last year there was a situation within his family and I can sympathize as it’s never easy dealing with a death. Going back to this year I can say confidently that he is showing why he was taken so high in the draft. Getting his game back and after seeing what he did in his first two years there’s no question it has come from the coaching.

The next guy I want to talk about is Aaron Williams. Anyone who knows me or has read past articles knows how much I didn’t like this guy. Hated the pick and just thought we could have gone in a different direction. What else got me upset with this guy was when he did play he got burned a lot! Just never understood why the previous coaching staff kept playing him after everyone watching knew he couldn’t stop anyone. I guess you could say it wasn’t all bad but the good plays were far and few between. Then stepped in Pettine and his new look defense. Word got out that Williams could be changing positions to the safety spot and I could remember saying hey it’s worth a shot. Being a big draft guy and knowing that’s how you get good in this league something had to be done in order to try and salvage their 2nd round pick. As training camp went on this year encouraging signs were seen/talked about as Williams impressed. His transition went smoothly and with Byrd still holding out at the time they were banking on him being their guy. Then this team came into serious injury problems in the secondary. Aaron then took what he was given and this season has played very well in my eyes. Playing both corner and also safety showed me that he could be very useable. That being said it was Mike Pettine who I believe transformed him into a player. Hopefully he can continue this play as his career plays on.

So going back to Pettine I think he’s inline for a head coaching job. The record this Bills team finishes with may just help this team in hiding him and having him come back next year. I believe with another year running this defense and adding some new pieces it could be something really special. So I know this team has had to deal with difficult outcomes and issues but now I have faith we have the right guys in place. We must now just play as a team in all phases and get back to winning games.