Ranking Rest Of Buffalo Bills Schedule From Hardest To Easiest


Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It is the midpoint of the NFL season, and our Bills sit with a decent record of 3-5. With one of the easier second half schedules in the league, there is a small, but legitimate chance of the Bills sneaking in to the postseason. But what are the challenges? What are the games that make the schedule easy? Those type of questions are what I am answering. I am ranking the remaining schedule from hardest to easiest.

1. @ New England (week 17)

Any team playing the Patriots in New England is most likely going to lose, but when you have not beat them in Foxborough in the last 12 tries it is nearly impossible.

2. VS. Kansas City (week 9)

This game, which happens to be next on the schedule, is going to be a tough one. Whenever you play the team with the best-record in the NFL, it will most likely be a L. Tough game for the Bills this Sunday, hopefully the Bills pull off the upset.

3. VS New York Jets (week 11)

After seeing number 1 and 2 on this list, you may be asking, “Didn’t you say the remaining schedule was one of the easiest in the league?” Well, the Jets being 3rd explains it. The Jets beat the Bills last time, but that was at the Meadowlands. We will see how this very important game shapes out in week 11.

4. VS Miami (week 16)

The Bills beat the Dolphins @ Miami before, why can’t they do it again, but at home? This game is going to be determined on how well the Bills defense stops the run. If the Bills shut down the run like the did before against Miami, expect a win, but you never know…

5. @ Pittsburgh (week 10)

Pittsburgh has been playing awful all year due to a horrid offensive line. Look for the Bills defensive pass rush to get to Big Ben and have the Bills cruise to a win.

6. VS Atlanta (week 13)

The Bills who are coming off of a bye in this matchup have an easy one. At the beginning of the year it did not look easy, but injuries have destroyed the under-achieving Falcons. The Bills should win this one with ease.

7. @ Tampa Bay (week 14)

The Bucs will most likely have a new coach by this time, and they will probably not have a win either. The Bills should cruise to victory against another under-achieving NFC south team.

8. @ Jacksonville (week 15)

I had to put one 7th and one 8th! Sorry Jacksonville, you are the easiest team on the Bills remaining schedule. The Jags have no offense and no defense, and this should be a laugher. NOTE: I personally think both the Bucs and the Jags will finish 0-16.

Looking at this schedule, if the Bills could win some of the games near the top, they could sneak into the playoffs, and when you are in the playoffs, anything can happen. Agree or Disagree with my list? Shout out in the comments below…