Q&A with Redskins Editor


Aug. 9, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Washington Redskins center Grant Garner (61) snaps the ball during a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Bills are playing the Washington Redskins.  To keep with what we have been doing so far, I reached out to Kiel Maddox, Editor for Riggo’s Rag, the Fansided Blog for the Redskins and asked him a couple of questions about how their preseason is going.

Here is our Q&A:

1. What is the biggest position battle on the team?

Cornerback is probably the best bet for position battle on the team (though running back could be a tight second). Chase Minnifield whom the Redskins took undrafted in 2012 is showing up big time in camp. The rookie David Amerson whom the Redskins took with their second round pick appears to be exactly as advertised and then some. You also have the returning starters DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson, as well as others trying to make a spot such as E.J. Biggers.

2. RG3 came in as a solid last year as a rookie, I should know I had him as my FF QB, where does he stand at this point in Preseason with his knee. 

Robert Griffin III appears to be ready for Week 1 and probably could play in a preseason game if called upon. Mike Shanahan however won’t do that. He learned his lesson last year by listening to Robert Griffin III, this year Griffin will have to learn to listen to him (Shanahan). As much as Griffin will plead, he won’t play, but if for some strange reason he does, it would be against the Buffalo Bills, as the starters usually play for roughly three quarters during the third preseason game.

3. Who is the biggest disappointment thus far through camp?

Leonard Hankerson has so far been the biggest disappointment, as he’s supposed to be that big strong receiver for the Redskins. While he’s shown signs of what the Redskins have expected since drafting him in 2011, the fact is he continues to be inconsistent, especially up the middle. This is more than likely his make or break season as he’s had enough time to get over his fears.

4. Which rookie is poised to start and have a breakout season?

David Amerson probably fits the best as the ready to start and have a breakout season. The Redskins were flirting with the idea of playing Hall at Free Safety last season for 2013, and with Amerson showing he’s ready to play now, Hall might just find himself backing up Amerson, or playing at another position. The Redskins after all did lose Phillip Thomas for the year. Perhaps they find a position at safety with some moves and have Amerson take his spot.

5. What Redskins player is having the best offseason/training camp so far?

Amerson is without a doubt the guy having the best offseason. It seems as every time you talk about a play being broken up, intercepted or stopped, his name is always brought up. He just has a natural feel for where the ball is going to be.

6. Which player to you think has the most to gain from the pre-season that hasn’t already been touched on?

Jordan Reed will probably have the most to gain as he’ll be called upon early to have an immediate impact on the field. His issue is he’s been getting over injuries and needs more playing time. He was able to play against Pittsburgh (1 catch 8-yard reception), but will need a lot more time to get a feel for how fast the offense is. He might get a better chance against the Bills. Either way, he’s missed a lot of time and will need to grasp the offense in the next two games.