Would The Buffalo Bills Be Looked At Differently If They Won A Super Bowl?


Dec 18, 2011; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills fan during the first half against Miami Dolphins at the Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Would the Buffalo Bills be looked at differently if they won a super bowl? That is the question that I wonder about and also when it will happen for the city and its fans. People look at this organization and say they had their chances but came up short.

The glory days for Bills fans date back to the late 80’s through early 90’s where this team did the impossible in my eyes and went to 4 straight super bowls. We all know the outcome to those games but making it to them sure has had people talking in both a positive and negative way. Four games and they couldn’t win one, have heard things in movies mocking the Bills caving and also things people say all the time “It’s Buffalo and they’ll never win”. On the other hand there’s people saying how difficult it was to make it 4 straight times and also how good the team really was. Out of the four bowls the team had won 3 division titles. Any way you look at it no one can take those appearances away from them but no doubt us fans wish one of them resulted in a victory.

Now what I wanted to look at is why this team is given all the negativity. They haven’t won the big game but so hasn’t a lot of teams that I think are looked at higher than the Bills. Two teams that come to mind are the Falcons and the Eagles. Those teams have yet to win either but I bet you if people other than Bills fans were asked to rank these teams 80% of the time the Bills would be placed last. Why is that? Is it because this team hasn’t done anything going back to 1999 or is it something else? If you want to go that route there was a stretch in the Falcons history 81-94 with the omission of one season where they didn’t have a winning season. Droughts happen with all teams but eventually they get out and begin to move in the right direction. The Eagles on the other hand have had a little more success during the years but what do they have to show for it in the playoffs? As of late they have done pretty well and also you have to take a look at the quarterback they had in McNabb before Vick. He was a major reason for their victories but you have to wonder if that would be different if he wasn’t there.

So as Bills fans wait for the next possible chance that we can make the super bowl I think a lot of us would just be happy getting that playoff drought off our mind. I personally think this team would be looked at a lot better than we do if we were able to pull one of those games out. Along with that the quarterback position is the most important and I sure hope we get some answers to if we may have found our future or if we need start the search again.