Marquise ‘Flash’ Goodwin and the ‘Crazy Cat’ Offense.


Marquise Goodwin using the force during a workout.

Buffalo Bills fans have a lot to be excited about this year after adding Marquise Goodwin who was the only player to run the 40 under 4.3 seconds at this years combine. Goodwin is a former Olympian who has competed at top levels in sprinting and long jumping, and his blazing fast speed is enough to make opposing defenses have to prepare for it. If they don’t you can expect a lot of reactions similar to this one. The slightest hesitation and Goodwin is gone without any hope of catching up to him, and he is sure to generate a large fan base here in Buffalo once he shows why we picked him up.

Goodwin and  E.J. Manuel decided to become roommates this year, and the two of them have spent a great deal of their off time studying the playbook together. They both seem to have a genuine liking for one another, and that should transpire into good chemistry out on the field.  They have already connected beautifully on a couple of deep touchdown passes early into OTA’s, and it shouldn’t be long until we see it happen again with pads on.  Goodwin can return kicks, is not afraid to block, and he is a threat whether he has the ball or is protecting somebody else who has it. He has the versatility in which the coaching staff is so high on this year, and he was the fastest player available in the draft, so get ready for him to make some really nice plays this year.

I think the thing that is really going to make Marquise such a dangerous player this year is having another ultra fast teammate in T.J. Graham out there alongside him.  Those two should compliment each other very well, and trying to contain two players with that kind of speed is definitely going to create problems for opponents. How do you cover both of those guys while also trying to stop Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods and Da’Rick Rodgers at the same time? This is the reason I am so high on the Bills this year while everyone else seems to think we are doomed to fail.  Our receiving unit is really stacked with talent this year,  add to that two of the best running backs in the league and a QB with a strong arm and a release time of .333 seconds and you got yourself a very serious threat to opposing defenses.

Marquise is also a very competent running back who rushed for 360 yards on 35 carries the last 2 years. Yeah, thats an average of 10.4 yards a carry, and its worth noting enough to design a play or two around.  I say screw the ‘wild cat’ I want to see the ‘crazy cat’! What is the ‘crazy cat’ you ask? Well, its when you snap the ball directly to the running back who then hands it off to a wide receiver that bust through a hole the QB opens up. What do you think? Does the ‘crazy cat offense’ sound like a good idea, or have I been drinking too much again?