CJ Spiller Ranked 14th Best Running Back?


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) stiff arms New York Jets free safety LaRon Landry (30) during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With one of my last articles dealing with respect of this team I wanted to look into it more. Looking for something more to see how long this will continue and sure enough I came across a running back list. This article listed its top 30 running back’s with Spiller ranked 14th. For what this guy has done so far and what he has shown that’s where you rank him?

When I began to check out this article I was interested to see where certain players would end up. I would’ve banked on Peterson being #1 like he was but after that it could have gone a bunch of different directions. Your next bunch of players I would have ranked in this group of top RB’s are: Lynch, Foster, Rice and maybe McCoy. Somewhere just after this I would insert Spiller. He to me has shown he’s progressed every year and also proven to produce in all situations when his number is called. Also he has been deprived of touches and that is all to do with our last coach. If he (Gailey) was still here I would be on the trade Spiller wagon because of the wasted talent. When a player has this much talent to give you have to use every part of it.

Now getting back to this article, let’s get into the guys that are ahead of Spiller. The guys above I believe for the most part are maybe a little above Spiller but these guys? They include: D. Martin, J. Charles, F. Gore, M. Forte, C. Johnson, D. Sproles and S. Ridley. All of these guys I think are not better than Spiller. They might have had more success and even play for a more popular team but come on. I just don’t understand peoples thinking. Is Buffalo disliked? Because of our lack of wins and production it seems the Bills are just over looked.

The guys below the 15th ranked RB seems be in line. There are definitely a few guys that could get into the top 10 and after this season we will see. Also another interesting thing I noticed is that the guys below the 15th rank are guys on teams that have not produced with the exception of: B. Pierce of Baltimore and W. McGahee of the Broncos.

This list certainly showed me the Bills will always be looked at as a second tier team until they win. I guess I have no problem with that but when something is a proven thing it’s just right to acknowledge it. Hopefully this season he will again produce and gain more respect throughout the league. Would definitely like to know your thoughts on this? Does it matter? Do you agree with the ranking?

You can see the full rankings here .