San Francisco not the place to look for Bills QB


Soon to be former 49ers QB, Alex Smith, is on his way to Kansas City

March 12th is a big day.  For me, it will mark the first day of my 30’s.  For the Kansas City Chiefs, it will make the acquisition of former San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith.  Recently, former Bills Hall of Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly, stated on a nationally syndicated radio program that he felt Smith was the right QB for the Bills.  Apparently Kansas City was either quick to the trigger, or their 2nd round and conditional draft picks were more compelling for the NFC Champions.

As I previously stated, I have yet to believe that Alex smith is a good NFL QB.  Was I being tricked when he nearly lost his job to J.T. O’Sullivan, or when he guided his team to the 2012 NFC Championship game?  Smith may have been a realistic option for the Bills, but I don’t think he was the right one.  On a regular basis I read a blog from a certain sports network blogger, who has little to few kind words about Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Yes he can be inconsistent, and yes he can make some bad decisions.  Yet, from a  statistical stand point he’s improved each each year.  His interception total in 2012 was down by 7 from the previous year.  He’s thrown for 3,ooo plus yards the last 3 seasons.  His number one wide receiver was a 7th round draft pick.

I’m not saying that Fitz is the person for the job, but that his criticism is unfair.  There’s not another NFL quarterback that I think would be a realistic and winning scenario for the Bills.  Yes, Seattle’s Matt Flynn has been mentioned.  However, wasn’t it a one game performance that had the experts drooling?  There was another guy that did that.  His name was Scott Michell.  Having grown up in metro Detroit, I can take several days to rattle off the nasty things Lions fans had to say about him.  I could be wrong, but after the money Buffalo through at Fitz, I’m unwilling for the Bills to take any chances.

With Smith off the trading block, I think the the draft is the directions the Bills need to turn.  If we learned anything form this year’s combine, it’s what we predicted.  A weak QB class.  Not surprising since last’s year class produced three quarterbacks  that led their team to the playoffs.  Former West Virginia quarterback, Gino Smith, continues to be the front runner of draft experts.  If he’s available, I think the Bills need to go get him.  He can be mobile, he’s accurate, and most importantly:  He makes good decisions.  I know it’s been inferred that new head coach, Doug Marone, is in love with his former Syracuse stud, Ryan Nassib, but I’m hesitant for the Bills to draft a QB who’s been labeled to have a “weak arm.”  From what I’ve read, I think they already have a Harvard grad with that label.

So, let’s recap:  Smith is going to KC, frequently mentioned Matt Flynn could be the next “Scott Mitchell,” and Gino smith is like a shiny gem among a bunch of fools gold.  I’m grateful Alex Smith won’t be one of my 30th birthday presents.  So, how about we sign some free agents at wide receiver (cough cough Dwayne Bowe), linebacker, and pray to the lord above that Gino falls to us in the draft.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe?  Or is it just a premature middle age crisis?