Final Draft Day Preview


Well the final day of the Draft is upon us an in a couple of hours, Buffalo will make their scheduled six remaining picks.  This is where they will attempt to replenish depth and I can see them grabbing another Linebacker, as well as more Wideouts, Corners and Offensive Line help.

Some players who have fallen and could perhaps be available in the 4th are OLB Ronnell Lewis, OT Bobbie Massie, WR Marvin McNutt and Tommy Streeter and my sleeper pick, OT James Brown.  This last day of the Draft could just see Buffalo taking the best player available- as they did in Rounds 1 & 2, so we shall see.  I was really hoping Russell Wilson would fall to us in the 4th, would have loved him developing behind Fitz for a year or so and I think he could be the 3rd best QB in this Draft.  He is the complete package save for one thing- his height.  5’10” is not NFL QB height, though its tall enough for THIS BLD writer to be (harumph!).  Guess we should ask Drew Brees how much of an impediment his height is…

Some quick thoughts on Friday Night and the Bills…

I LOVE the Cordy Glenn pick.  He is new to the Tackle position, having only moved their his senior year, but Nix/Gailey love the tape they see on him, and he was apparently fuming that some teams did not take him in the first.  His agent this morning said that he has a definite chip on his shoulder, and he’s type of the player who will take that into the weight room and onto the field.  Those are all great signs to me.  He carried a mid first round grade, and this is tremendous value in the second.  Couldn’t be happier.

Now the much debated TJ Graham pick.  I cannot say I love or even like this pick.  Much higher rated guys like Mohammed Sanu, Chris Givens, Marvin McNutt and others were still available, so I’m anxious to hear Nix explain this one.

Let’s focus on the positives and upside.  Graham can absolutely fly, and you can’t coach speed.  He is an extraordinary athlete who can really get off the ground.  He has above average hands, and can separate from coverage.  His speed will create a lot of one-on-one matchups, and could be the deep threat Buffalo hasn’t had in awhile.  He’ll get downfield in a hurry, and that’ll free up Stevie Johnson.

It will be imperative that he hits the weight room hard.  He is pretty thin, and even last night when I was watching tape of him, he looked pretty fragile.  In college its one thing, but I doubt he’ll stand up to constant punishment from pro linebackers and safeties.  If he puts on some bulk, he will greatly increase his value.  But man, can this boy fly.