Buffalo Bills 2012 Draft: Seemingly Endless First-Round Possibilities Driving Me Insane


Could the Buffalo Bills’ 2012 first-round draft pick be any more mysterious?

I mean, really.

Never can I remember so many players being pegged to the Bills at so many positions so close to draft day.

Even in the days of Bills draft lunacy, we at least had the highly anticipated first-rounder narrowed down to a few positions and one or two prospects that seemed logical.

Not this year. Not in a draft that many have dubbed extremely vital, one that could seriously aid the team’s chances to end this absolutely ridiculous playoff drought, that frankly, needs to end. Pronto.

No no no.

The NFL draft gods just had to place the Bills in such an intriguing spot at No. 10 overall with seemingly endless possibilities.

My mind is ready to explode.

Do they go with ridiculously productive Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly to eventually play strong side and bolster a unit that’s been weak since Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher left town?

Yeah, that makes sense.

Wait, no. If you’re drafting a player that high, you shouldn’t change his position. The team likes Kirk Morrison, so Kuechly may not even start from the get go.

How about rangy South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore? He’s from the SEC, Buddy Nix’s favorite collegiate conference, and has the well-rounded game that could work well in Buffalo.

Nah, can’t be him.

He’s a bit overrated and cornerback isn’t the team’s biggest need.

Oh, I got the guy.

Notre Dame’s legendary wide receiver Michael Floyd. He’s big, physical, would be the perfect complement to Stevie Johnson and would finally bring a supremely talented wideout to the Bills offense.

No way! He had multiple alcohol-related arrests during college and apparently hasn’t met with the team since the combine.

Iowa’s Riley Reiff is the one they’ll take. I know it.

He comes from the offensive linemen manufacturing conference that is the Big Ten and his game is pretty balanced. Finally, a first-round pick on a left tackle with franchise upside.

Hold your horses.

Reiff’s not necessarily great in any one area, has short arms and many say he’s better suited for the right tackle spot.

Georgia’s Cordy Glenn, he’s the one.

He’s huge, from the SEC and an impressive athlete.

Think again.

He struggled as the Bulldogs’ blindside protector last season and to some, projects better as a right tackle or a mauling guard.

Ryan Tannehill? Huge upside.

Doubt it. He may not even be available.

They wouldn’t take another defensive linemen, would they?

Could Matt Kalil, the shiny left tackle prospect from USC really fall to the Bills? What about Oklahoma State wideout Justin Blackmon?

You know what?

I have no idea.

No idea about anything that may happen with the Bills on Thursday. Too many possibilities for my brain to formulate a true favorite for the No. 10 pick.

After months of projecting, predicting and pondering, my mind needs a rest.

Because this year, the Bills’ first-round draft pick is actually more than a mystery. All the potential outcomes have made it a complete enigma.

Please, Thursday, just get here already.