Our Common Bond, Twitter and Unbridled Spirit: An Introductory Post From New Lead Writer Chris Trapasso


I think about the Buffalo Bills entirely too much, but that depends on your definition of “too much.” Thinking about my favorite team is totally embryonic, so for me, it feels natural and I revel in my Bills-obsession every day.

Chances are, you “like” the Bills, too.


If you weren’t already aware, I’ve happily been a Bills Featured Columnist with Bleacher Report since 2009 and have been lucky enough to post my ramblings on Buffalo Wins and Buffalo Sports Daily over the years.

The point here isn’t to provide a glowing and exhaustive resume or tell you my story of how I became a Bills fan. You’ve heard 1,000 of those narratives before and probably hold your own memory closest to your heart.

Just know that we share a common, deep-rooted bond.

I want to fill you in on what you can expect from me as BuffaLowDown’s new Lead Writer.

Yes, I’ll be writing in this spaced-out format. (if editor Andrews allows it) It’s much more inviting to read than big, blocky paragraphs and frankly, I’ve found it to be much easier to read. It’s certainly more effective getting points across, as well.

Hopefully you agree.

Secondly, and most importantly, I won’t be holding anything back on BuffaLowDown. You’ll get my core Bills and NFL beliefs, insights and opinions regardless of their political correctness or popularity in down-to-Earth, casual conversational form.  I’ll also be pumping out pieces crafted as creatively as possible, loaded with my honest thoughts on the given subject. I get that you probably won’t be coming here first for the latest breaking Bills news, especially with all the ways to get news instantaneously these days.

I’ll be blogging my thoughts about the news that surfaced.

I’m not attempting to insult your intelligence by essentially explaining to you the what a blog is, but some people still are confused by its premise.

Which brings me to my next point.

Twitter—the best imaginary place on the planet.

I’m an avid (but hopefully not annoying) Twitter user, so feel free to get a hold of me inside the Twitterverse. Got to love that #BillsMafia. I’ll be using the @Bufflowdown handle as well as my personal account, @ChrisTrapasso. We’ll have some quality discussions and debates. All are welcome.

Should be fun.

Lastly, I’m pumped. Like close to the feeling I had when Rian Lindell booted that field goal to beat the New England Patriots on that glorious day in September last year. That pumped. You’ll be able to feel my unbridled spirit for the Bills in all my articles. Not all will be positive assessments, but you’ll feel it.

My goal is to make this a space in which I stir up your thoughts, general sentiments and overall emotions about the Buffalo Bills to really get you thinking.

And possibly make you think about the Bills entirely too much.