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Peyton Manning Leaving Colts – Will He End Up in the AFC East?


In a move that you had to see coming, the Colts have announced that the team will part ways with longtime star quarterback Peyton Manning. The team is expected to release Manning Wednesday.

So here’s the question: assuming Manning will ever be healthy enough to play, where’s he going to sign? To land Manning, you’re going to need three things – 1) the cap space to sign him, 2) a talented enough roster to convince him to sign, and 3) an opening at QB.

As I look at the list of potential teams, as a Bills fan I shutter to see that there are two potential AFC East landing spots (and no, Buffalo is not one of them. Stop asking about it.)

Here’s the complete list of possibilities, with my odds for landing Manning for each:

Not Much of a Chance:

Tampa Bay – Good weather, cap space, and a decent roster. But the Bucs seem committed to Josh Freeman. Odds: 2000-1

Cleveland – They need a QB, but I can’t see Manning agreeing to come there. Odds: 1000-1

NY Jets – No cap space, plus a coach and GM too proud to admit they were wrong to bet the farm on Mark Sanchez. Odds: 900-1

Jacksonville – They’d love to have him. Plus there’s warm weather. But Manning as a Jaguar? Just seems weird. Odds: 875-1

Denver – Not happening. But I’d really enjoy this. I’d love to hear Tebow supporters claiming he should play over Peyton Freaking Manning. Odds: 850-1

Some Chance:

Dallas – You never know what crazy-ass Jerry Jones is going to do. Odds: 200-1

Decent Chance:

Seattle – Needs a QB, awesome fanbase, crappy division, and a roster that’s better than you think. I think Seattle’s a dark horse with a real shot in this race. Odds: 75-1

Arizona – Positives: plays in a dome, has Larry Fitzgerald. Negatives: Kevin Kolb’s huge contract. Odds: 50-1

Kansas City – Joe Montana 2.0? Plus, Romeo Crennel would be smart enough to focus on defense and let Manning handle the offense. Odds: 20-1

Washington – There’s nothing Daniel Snyder likes more than making a splash. This would certainly qualify. And for the record, this would be total disaster. Manning and Mike Shanahan? That’d be a mess. Odds: 10-1

Miami – Sadly, I think this is the destination. The Dolphins have the money, good weather, and good enough talent. The only thing that can stop this? Matt Flynn. New coach Joe Philbin – the former Packers offensive coordinator – might be happier bringing in the guy who knows his system. Let’s hope so. Odds: 7-1