Billieve the Hype


Born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, I have always been a Bills fan through thick and thin. Even though I was born prior to the four consequential Super Bowl debacles, it still burns to think about what could have been. Just one, thats all anybody was asking for but unfortunately that never came to be. Bills fans cringe when they hear the words “wide right” and a replay of Scott Norwood’s kick is envisioned in their minds. The next two opportunities came in ’92 and ’93 but harassing defenses of the Redskins and Cowboys, respectively, led to Hall of Famer Jim Kelly throwing four picks in both games. The worst came in Super Bowl XXVIII with a rematch of the hated Dallas Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson. To lose back to back years to the same team can only result in hatred for “America’s team” for the rest of eternity. I have been brainwashed to absolutely despise the Dallas Cowboys no matter who the coach or quarterback.

I have been dressed in Bills gear since my baby years and it has continued all the way through my 21st birthday. When zubaz were all the rage, you can bet I had a pair of those oh so wonderful looking pants. I’ve seen the jerseys change from good to bad to great. Players have been acquired and we all get our hopes up, Drew Bledsoe for example. That was a great pickup wasn’t it? The team from the ’90’s was tragically different from the team in the 2000’s. Mostly because that team actually made the playoffs.

The last time the Bills played past week 17 was under Wade Phillips when we lost in Tennessee on the “Music City Miracle.” Bills fans across America all had the same look on their face after that play happened. First, their jaw hit the floor, then both hands went to the top of the head with one simple question depleting their intelligence, “What?” That play was criticized and  scrutinized for weeks as fans all had to share their two cents about the forward lateral. Yes, it was indeed an illegal play but that was the end of an era. Say goodbye to the playoff Buffalo Bills and meet the last place in the division Buffalo Bills.

The New England Patriots have won the division eight times since 2000. Luckily for us, they traded in-division, giving us Drew McQueen(yes that really is his middle name) Bledsoe and held on to the three-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady. It hurts even saying that line but nonetheless it is what it is and the Bills’ era can be summed up with Bledsoe, Holcomb, Edwards, and Losman. During the 2000’s, I don’t believe I have heard as many expletives in my household on Sundays than ever before. Each is no longer in the league but is anyone really surprised by that?

We are now under the helm of the “Amish Rifle”, Ryan Fitzpatrick or should I just leave it at “Fitzmagic.” Walk around the city and you will see fans draped in Stevie Johnson, Marcell Dareus, and Freddy Jackson jerseys from Niagara Falls to the Ralph. With ESPN personality, Chris Berman, providing national attention and delivering the phrase that all Bills fans have grown to love, there is a new era starting in Buffalo and the playoff drought will surely end soon. Why you ask? Because no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!