Random NFL Combine thoughts!


Patrick Peterson lit it up today and solidified his status.  He turned in a 4.34 after weighing in at 219

Was hoping Oklahoma DE/OLB Jeremy Beal would put in a better time.  He ran a 5.16, but he plays a lot faster than that

Boise State’s Austin Pettis continues to remind me of Anquan Boldin.  Pettis is a guy with good hands, concentration, and production, but lacks elite timed speed.  He’ll fall on draft day and should end up being a good #2 wideout in the NFL

My #1 OT in the draft class, James Carpenter, had a TERRIBLE combine as far as I’m concerned.  I already went back to the tape and decided the talent level is still there, but now I have to question his work ethic.  Alright, he checked in at the Senior Bowl at 313.  That’s a good weight for him, but, considering it’s the biggest job interview of his life, I figured he would weigh around 308-309.  Instead, he shows up at 321.  While longer-armed guys tend to have middling numbers at the bench press, a guy with 34 inch arms should be able to put it up around 28.  His number was 23.  The icing on the cake was the fact that he then tweaked a muscle doing mirror drills.  Now, I’m a bit worried

Von Miller put up a good 40, but his “explosion number” (Pat Kirwan came up with the formula.  It’s bench press, plus broad jump, plus vertical jump) fell below the 70 benchmark

Illinois ILB Martez Wilson tested well, but I don’t feel his play matches his athleticism.  He flashes 1st round measurables, but I don’t think his production will be at that level.  I currently view him as a mid-second rounder

A guy to keep an eye on is Appalchian State S Mark LeGree.  Coming from a small school, he may need a bit of an adjustment period, but I view him as a guy that can do a lot of things well for you down the road.  The biggest physical knock I had on him was his speed, but I feel he put that to rest with his solid 40 today

My under-the-radar RB Allen Bradford had a solid weekend.  At almost 5’11 and 240 lbs., he ran a solid 4.58 and put up 28 reps on the bench

I’m surprised Jim Kelly told Vic Carucci he wasn’t a big fan of Cam Newton.  When Cam was being interviewed, he referred to himself in the 3rd person twice in a span of 2 minutes (just kidding, Mr.Kelly).  I also didn’t hear that Newton allegedly stole things out of teammates’ lockers until he sidestepped the question…that’s the leader in your locker room!

Speaking of interviews, why would A.J. Green say the thing he had to work on most was his preparation? Say ANYTHING else.  It won’t happen, but his counterpart Julio Jones did a lot of things right to try and surpass him as the first WR taken.  It was now reported he did it all on a fractured foot

The way Jake Locker conducts himself removed any doubt for me.  I believe that the guy will get it done at the next level

Can’t think of anything else