Bills/Dolphins Preview: 5 Questions With PhinPhanatic


The Bills look to finish the season strong as they head into the 1st of 3 straight weeks against divisional opponents.

BuffaLowDown once again sat down with Brian Miller (no relation) of PhinPhanatic to talk about this Sunday’s game.

BLD: A few weeks ago the Dolphins could have circled this week as an easy victory, but now with the Bills recent resurgence, it won’t be a walk in the park. What do the Dolphins need to do to pull of this W.

PP: There is a serious lack of continuity on the Dolphins offense and the offensive line is badly in need of healthy body’s. All that being considered, the Dolphins will need to establish the run and pound the game home wearing out the Bills front 7. The Dolphins defense has been playing very well as of late and their confidence is at an all time high after shutting down the Jets last week. That confidence will help spell the offensive short comings.

BLD: Do you still believe in Chad Henne, or do you think it’s time to pick up a new QB in the offseason?

PP: Most fans are starting to fall out of favor with Henne. With each game that passes, it seems more and more fans are hoping the team will go into the draft with intentions on finding another QB. I am not on that wagon yet. I still would like to see what Henne can do with an offensive coordinator that will take the shackles off of him and let him play. To me the issue is the offensive style the Dolphins play. It is tailored to operate with Chad Pennington as the QB and Chad Henne doesn’t play that style of football…or at least he didn’t in Michigan.

BLD: It seems that the Dolphins have a pretty good tight end in Anthony Fasano, why isn’t this offensive weapon utilized more in the Dolphins offense?

PP: The biggest problem with getting Fasano involved is the health of the offensive line and the conservative play calling from offensive coordinator Dan Henning. The Dolphins use Fasano as a blocking TE to cure some of the ills on the offensive line which keeps him out of the passing game far too often. When Fasano is involved he usually moves the chains.

BLD: How has Brandon Marshall acted this season? Has he been adapting well without having an arm like Jay Cutler throwing him the ball?

PP: Marshall is frustrated with the offensive production this season as is all of the Dolphins offensive players. He hasn’t blown up yet but everyone keeps waiting. He seems to have his head on right though. Marshall has been banged up and again, the conservative play calling is allowing defenses to concentrate on stopping him. The lack of rushing production doesn’t help either.

BLD: Final Score?

PP: 21-15 Miami. I think the humidity will eventually wear down the Bills and with Lee Evans out the Dolphins will have a better chance of stopping C.J. Spiller.