Bills/Bears Preview: 5 Questions with Bears Headquarters


The Bills are back home in Buffalo this Sunday to take on the Chicago Bears. The Bears are coming off a much needed bye week, while the Bills are still fighting hard for their first win of the season.

This game should be interesting due to these two teams matching up really well.

I went to Bears Headquarters and shared five questions with Jonathan Carroll about his thoughts on this weekend’s match-up.

BLD: What is wrong with the Bears O-line?

BH: There isn’t much talent. General manager Jerry Angelo has neglected the offensive line and now the results are present. Chris Williams was a first-round pick in 2008, and he’s certainly been nothing to write home about. While they sign sexy free agents and make sexy trades, this organization has neglected the trenches. In some ways, its built to be a good fantasy team but not win games.

BLD: Is it me or does Jay Cutler never show emotion out on the field? As a QB and a leader of the team, you think he would need to expressmore to get his teammates behind him.

BH: I call Cutler the “Pouty QB” after Jim McMahon that called himself the “Punky QB”. Cutler always seems like he’s in a bad mood. Last season he would throw passes up for grabs and rumor has it because he was frustrated with the offensive coaches. He’s a talented guy but your thoughts are certainly valid. I’m not sure if his teammates are fed up.

BLD: Mike Martz is known for being an offensive genius, yet he can’t seem to get one of the Bears’ most talented player, Matt Forte, involved at a consistent rate in the offense. What’s the problem/solution here?

BH: Forte is one of the most overrated players in the NFL. While he has sizzle there ain’t a lot of steak. He’s the king of fumbles and not blocking. Along with Greg Olsen, these two must want quarterbacks to get killed on a regular basis.

BLD: Name one guy on the bears offense and defense that people outside of Chicago might not know about.

BH: Wow, the offense is so limited but #80 Earl Bennett has been playing well. He also threw what the NFL is calling a perfect block on Seattle’s punter when he knocked the dude into next week. So Bennett is a guy to watch. He was Cutler’s college teammate and the two have a strong chemistry.

On defense is #71 Israel Idonije. He’s been playing on a high level since being promoted to starting defensive end. It will be his homecoming since he’s from Canada.

BLD: Game Prediction

BH: Chicago Bears 28 Bills 10

A bye week and a deflated Bills team will mean 5-3 for the Bears.

You can catch my answers to Jon’s questions here