Excited To Say ‘Bye Bye’ To The Bye Week


I’m proud to announce the addition of Alyssa Jung of ChicksInTheHuddle.com to the BuffaLowDown family. Alyssa will be writing weekly articles giving her opinion on everything and anything about our Buffalo Bills.


Some might be dreading the return of the Bills this Sunday afternoon, especially because they’re facing the Baltimore Ravens who are obviously playing football at a level far superior to us right now. But the rest of the season isn’t automatic gloom and doom. Here’s eight reasons why Bills fans should be excited to say “bye bye” to bye week.

1.) The Bills might, to put it nicely, suck at the moment—this is true. But, we all love football, and now we can go back to watching a team that we actually care about. Let’s rejoice over the fact that our beloved boys are back to entertaining just about every other NFL fan in the league with their less than impressive shenanigans. They say hate is the closest thing to love. I think that secretly, all the “haters” would love to see the Bills make a comeback (even though they’d never admit it). No real football fan wants to see an entire team suffer…for years, at least.

2.) Aren’t you dying to see what else Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix have up their sleeve? This is a “rebuilding” and “restructuring” stage. There’s got to be more trades, releases, acquisitions and “strategy” moves in the works to flawlessly execute our three-year plan.

3.) We get to see if a week of all practice and no competition put the defense over the edge in finally adjusting to the new 3-4 formation. That corps has been solid the last few seasons, with fairly few adjustments, so there’s really no other reason for them to suddenly be struggling other than the fact that they’re working with a new system. It’s also about time our interception tally racked up some marks—it’s looking a little sad compared to 2009-10.

4.) There will probably be a ton of Bills tickets going for next to nothing on StubHub. It’s always better to win at the Ralph, but games are just fun in general. Spend a game or two with thousands of other fans who are just as dejected as you, and don’t forget to get your fun in before the game (and after, if that’s how you roll) too.

5.) Things can’t really get much worse, so why wallow in self-pity? Think on the bright side: supposedly, this season’s disaster will have us sitting pretty during the 2011 draft. And presumably, the draft picks will productively contribute to our “rebuilding” process. You never know, we could get the next Mark Sanchez and shock everyone. Crazier things have happened.

6.) We’re still waiting for the O-line to show up or finally grasp exactly what their job is. Maybe the extra time this past week was spent brushing up on playbooks, basic definitions, perhaps a quick read-through of Wikipedia’s entry about the game of football

7.) Bills apparel might go on sale, dirt cheap, and we can all stock up on gear for two seasons from now when we’re scheduled to be good again. We’ll be the best dressed fans in the league!

8.) Whether we win or lose, we can still root for some things, like: for C.J. Spiller to have a breakout rookie year, for Freddy Jackson to get enough yards to break/set another record, for Lee Evans to get the TDs he needs for a record, for Rian Lindell to hit some ridiculously long FGs, for no more defensive ranks to get injured.

Alyssa Jung