Bills/Jaguars Preview


Week 5 brings the 2-2 Jacksonville Jaguars to Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Jaguars are coming to town ‘flying high’ after their last second win over their division rival, the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills on the other hand, are looking for their first win of the season and are trying to bounce back on their home turf after an embarrassing loss to the New York Jets.

This week I sat down with Terry O’Brien, the lead editor from the Jacksonville Jaguars’ site Black and Teal, and asked him 5 big questions leading up to this game.

BLD: How much of an advantage do the Jaguars have going into this game with Trent Edwards now on their roster? Will Edwards see any snaps in this game?

B&T: I think the Jaguars will pump him for everything he knows. He knows the playbook inside and out. But the Bills know this and can use this as an advantage. The Jaguars might be too ready to play what they think the bills are running and the Bills can fake them out.

Will Edwards see any snaps in this game? I hope I never see Trent Edwards take a snap in any Jaguar game. This was a horrible move to pick him up.

BLD: With the Bills allowing a league worst 174 rushing yards per game, is Maurice Jones-Drew ankle strong enough this week to take advantage?

B&T: Maurice has 322 yards in 4 games. That is on pace for his normal 1,300 yards. He doesn’t look right this year and he should have a lot more yards. He is grinding it out at a low level of 3.8 yards a carry. Something is not right, but he should crack 100 yards in the game.

BLD: What areas of the Jaguars’ defense are you concerned about, that the Bills might have an easy time taking advantage of?

B&T: Two things will work for you. Find out the cornerback playing opposite Rashean Mathis and throw at him. Don’t worry if the ball hangs in the air for a long time, no one will bother your receivers on that side. Second, throw across the middle at the linebackers. Run crossing routes and the receivers will get free easily. Try dumping off passes to the Tight End or CJ Spiller. This is not hard. Ryan Fitzpatrick tore the 2008 Jaguars up as a Bengal and this team is even worse on defense.

BLD: Tell our Bills fans one player on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ roster that they might not have heard of, but will definitely remember after everything is said and done.

B&T: Number 89 – Tight End Marcedes Lewis. He will nullify your pass rush and catch critical passes downfield.

Number 33 – Greg Jones. Greg is a blocking fullback and leads the way for Maurice just like Reggie McKenzie did for OJ Simpson. He will flatten people in the way. He and Marcedes are the best offensive players we have that no
one knows about.

BLD: What is your prediction for this game?

B&T: The Jaguars are Bi-Polar this year and may stink the place up. If they do lose, there will be hell to pay for the head coach back home. He is on borrowed time now. I think this is the best chance for the Bills to snag a win and if you put up a good fight you can win this. Having said that, I think the Jaguars score 20 and the Bills 17. Jaguars 20-17.