Bills Embarrassed by Dolphins 38 – 10


The Miami Dolphins did exactly what the Bills expected them to do with their starting QB done for the season – run the ball. And run the ball they did; right over, around, and through an injury-plagued Buffalo defense for a stunning 250 yards. The Bills, who have now lost eight consecutive games to AFC East opponents, rolled-over and died in a pathetic effort on both sides of the ball. The 28 point differential was the largest margin of victory for Miami since 2002.

We knew that the defense might struggle with multiple injuries to key players, but I don’t think anyone expected this. The Bills forced zero turnovers, gave up 25 first downs (Buffalo had 8), 3 rushing touchdowns, 1 passing touchdown, nearly allowed two different backs to rush for 100 yards, and allowed a backup QB to manage the pace of the game. Not exactly how defensive coordinator Perry Fewell drew it up – I hope.

The offense was equally abysmal. Trent Edwards threw 3 interceptions, the Bills completed 1 of 11 on third down, Jackson had 42 yards on the ground, Marshawn had 8. The no-huddle kept Buffalo’s time of possession to just over 22 minutes, and the defense was subsequently run ragged. The offensive line was pushed and pulled all over, losing the battle up front and giving up 6 sacks. The good news? T.O. had his best game of the year with a whopping 60 yards and zero touchdowns.

Among the aforementioned concerns – the inability to stop the run (472 yards over past two games), the breakdown of the offensive line, the lack of big plays by the receiving corp, and injuries galore – other questions have arisen: Where is this team’s leadership? What is with the coaching staff? Why can’t we win an effing (sound it out) game against a team in our division?

Things have gone from bad to worse as the Bills have now had all three types of losses, listed in increasing severity:

  1. The kind where you lose a game to a superior team. (The Saints are 4 -0)
  2. The kind where you have a game in hand, only to give it away at the end. (Also superior, but come on)
  3. The kind where you get it handed to you by an inferior team, a rival, who has yet to win a game. (F#%k)

Believe it or not, I actually do hate to be this negative, but there is nothing positive I saw come out of last week’s game. If you have something I would love for you to leave your comments. Unless something drastic happens – and I’m not saying that it can’t – it looks like the Bills are headed for a season which will close the book on a decade’s worth of playoff-less football. And frankly, that’s unacceptable, and embarrassing.