What exactly is Sean McDermott talking about with his latest analogy?

What does this even mean?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It wouldn't be a Sean McDermott interview with a strange analogy now, would it? Well, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills had yet another odd analogy when speaking about how the team needed to add weapons for quarterback Josh Allen.

From an article written by Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, McDermott gave us this gem of a quote when discussing how the Bills need to change offensively and add playmakers for Allen.

"It's like wearing corduroys. Every couple years, it's like are corduroys in or are they not? And so... actually you should be wearing them when they're not in to really be ahead of the curve. Right?"

Bills HC Sean McDermott compares adding playmakers to wearing corduroys

The Bills added Curtis Samuel and Mack Hollins to their wide receiver room this offseason after losing Gabe Davis to the Jaguars. They still have Stefon Diggs and are clearly focused on giving Allen some solid weapons as Buffalo hopes to finally break its playoff curse.

As for what McDermott is trying to say in his analogy, who really knows? He's been prone to saying strange things but this one involves corduroy pants, which appear to be in at the moment. Is he saying that offenses continue to change in the same ways that corduroy pants going in and out of style changes?

Hey, as long as the Bills are focused on winning this season and can finally get that first Super Bowl win, McDermott can continue to talk about corduroys as much as he wants.