Week 7 edition of the AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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13. Las Vegas Raiders (3 - 3)

The Las Vegas Raiders have now won back-to-back games and are sitting in second place in the AFC West. They aren't winning the division but maybe they can somehow squeeze their way into the playoffs. Ok, I'm kidding. The Raiders have some good pieces in place but the quarterback isn't one of them and outside of Maxx Crosby, the defense isn't playoff-caliber.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (2 - 3)

The Los Angeles Chargers are a good team on paper. They have an excellent pass rush, one of the best safeties in the game, a great quarterback, and weapons, yet they struggle every year to win. They found a way to the playoffs last season but were bounced by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round of the playoffs. Oh, by the way, they lost again this week.

11. New York (3 - 3)

You have got to be kidding me. The New York Jets pulled off the upset of the Philadelphia Eagles, led by Zach Wilson; however, the Jets won despite him. I know I've been critical of the Jets defense as of late but they showed up in this one, intercepting Jalen Hurts three times and secured the win over the Eagles.