A unique trade idea for each Buffalo Bills rival that will shake up AFC East

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
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New York Jets trade for Kirk Cousins

Entering the season, the New York Jets looked poised to make a deep playoff run and move into the top tier of the AFC. They had a great defense and drastically improved their offense with the addition of Aaron Rodgers.

However, Rodgers season only lasted four plays as he suffered a torn Achilles that will keep him out for the season. While there is some hope he could return for the postseason, the Jets have to get in position for the playoffs, and if the game against the Dallas Cowboys is any indication then Zach Wilson is not the quarterback that can do that.

if the Jets want to get to the playoffs, they need to upgrade at the position and a trade for Kirk Cousins could be the perfect solution. The Minnesota Vikings are off to an 0-2 start and if they continue to struggle, they may be looking to be sellers at the trade deadline.

The Jets built an offense this offseason around a veteran quarterback and Cousins would be a great fit. In addition, Cousins is only under contract for this season so trading for him wouldn't impact Aaron Rodgers in 2025 (if he doesn't retire).

The New York Jets have an elite defense and it seems like it would make sense to go all in this season to try and get to the playoffs. However, they might need to trade for their second quarterback in just a few months to do it.