Undrafted free agent signing picks perfect jersey number with the Buffalo Bills

Bills V Eagles
Bills V Eagles / Gray Mortimore/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills wrapped up their rookie minicamp this weekend and just prior to that announced their undrafted free agent signings. This group included notable players like Frank Gore Jr., who's father is Frank Gore, and a former player of the Bills.

However, one player in particular had an interesting name that fits perfectly with this franchise and his choice of jersey number was even better. Keaton Bills was expected to be drafted on Day 3 but would not hear his name called and would be undrafted after the seven rounds.

He would elect to sign with the team that has the same nickname as his last name and would join former teammates at the University of Utah in Dalton Kincaid and Cole Bishop. Bills was a three-year starter at offensive guard.

Keaton Bills jersey number is significant to the Buffalo Bills

It was announced last week that Keaton Bills would have the jersey number 60 and the reason this is notable is that this would be the year the Bills' franchise would play their first season in 1960. The team originally was founded in 1959 and would play their first game one year later in the AFL.

Prior to the AFL and NFL merging, the Bills would play 10 seasons in the AFL and win two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. The Bills have remained in Western New York for the entirety of their franchise history and it appears they will be staying much longer with the construction of a new stadium that is set to be completed in time for the 2026 season.

As for Keaton Bills, he will have an uphill climb to make the 53-man roster but has a decent chance with the lack of depth at guard. However, it will certainly be fun to see him at the very least get some preseason snaps and his jersey should be popular among fans.