Top 5 positions the Buffalo Bills should address in a Kaiir Elam trade

Buffalo Bills' Kaiir Elam
Buffalo Bills' Kaiir Elam / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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2. Cornerback

As I mentioned earlier, Patrick Surtain Jr. could be a huge get for the Buffalo Bills. I think it addresses a need now and one that could be an issue down the road. With Tre'davious White's latest injury, I have my concerns that he can return to the Tre of old, the All-Pro version of him. It's no secret that returning from a torn Achilles is no easy thing and many players, particularly at positions that require a great deal of quick change of directions,

Not to mention White's contract is coming up soon and the Bills will need to make a decision very soon as to what they want to do with him going forward. It's an unfortunate situation for White and I feel terrible for him and how his career has transpired these last few seasons. I hope only the best for him and truly hope he can make a full recovery and return to that All-Pro form, but the Bills need to plan ahead now and not wait to see what happens, then get stuck.