Top 5 Positions the Bills Need to Address in the 2025 NFL Draft

Greg Rousseau
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3. Defensive Tackle

The same argument for drafting wide receiver can be made for the defensive interior for the Bills in 2025. They drafted DeWayne Carter who can be a solid rotational piece for this Bills defensive line, but the Bills need to keep infusing that defensive tackle room with youth. The Bills signed DaQuan Jones to a two year contract along with signing Austin Johnson to a one year contract, which is solid for 2024, but both Jones and Johnson are 30+ year old defensive tackles.

Ed Oliver just signed an extension in 2023 and that seems like a steal of an extension thus far, along with Jones being a great complement to Oliver, 2024 for the Bills, but the Bills need some more young depth at that position. In time, Carter can be a good rotational piece for Oliver when he needs a breather, but the Bills need to find the replacement for Jones in the 2025 Draft. Plus, having Jones under contract through 2025 helps the rookie with developing as well in that position.