Top 5 Positions the Bills Need to Address in the 2025 NFL Draft

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Even though the 2024 NFL Draft just concluded, it doesn't hurt to look into the future. Based on where the Bills stand right now in terms of both depth and expiring contracts, it paints a picture on where the Bills should invest more so in the draft than free agency. The Buffalo Bills made a concerted effort to bring in younger players to contend on the roster more so than aging veterans this offseason, and that should be the vision moving forward.

As long as the Bills have Josh Allen in his prime, they need cycle in younger talent on this roster to help be competitive as long as possible. Here are the top 5 positions that the Bills need to add to this roster to not only get young talent on a rookie contract, but to also help the Bills cap space moving forward:

Five positions the Buffalo Bills might need to address in the 2025 NFL Draft.

5. Safety

The Bills took Cole Bishop in the 2nd Round of the 2024 NFL Draft, along with signing Taylor Rapp to a three-year contract and Mike Edwards to a one-year contract. Along with these players, they also have Damar Hamlin under contract for 2024 as well. So why is safety a top 5 need? It's because of two of these players on a one-year contract in Hamlin and Edwards, along with the contract for Rapp being a favorable contract for the Bills to get out of after the 2024 season.

The Bills should most definitely consider drafting a safety in the 2025 draft to backfill this roster with young contributors. Hamlin doesn't seem to be a lock for this season to make the roster either, or who knows if they decide to sign Edwards to a longer-term contract. Rapp was a decent contributor for the Bills in 2023, but with drafting a player like Bishop who plays similarly to Rapp, Rapp's time in Buffalo might be shorter than expected. Especially if Bishop outplays Rapp as a rookie, that decision for Brandon Beane might be easier than most expect.