Top 15 greatest draft picks in Buffalo Bills history

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15) Stephon Gilmore, Cornerback, 2012 Draft

Stephon Gilmore was drafted 10th overall out of South Carolina by the Buffalo Bills. Scouts have seen Gilmore as a "dynamic athlete who has the skill set to move to safety but is talented enough to be placed in the starting role as an NFL corner right away."

Gilmore's strengths included "impressive footwork, shows off rare technique that helps him use his huge frame to mirror and cut off receivers early in their route." Gilmore also has the natural ability to jam receivers and show off impressive ball skills.

Gilmore started on the Bills secondary right away and had proven to be a reliable corner in his first year. Gilmore has improved every single season as a cover corner and was selected to a Pro Bowl in his fifth season with Buffalo.

Although, that would end up being Gilmore's last season with Buffalo, as he would become a free agent and sign with the Patriots, where he would earn two First-Feam All-Pro selections and a Defensive Player of the Year award.