Top 15 greatest draft picks in Buffalo Bills history

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2. O.J. Simpson, Running back, 1969 Draft

Nobody can deny the dominance of O.J. Simpson during the early to mid 70's. The unbelivable stats that O.J. was able to put up in an era where there was 14 games in a season is so legendary that lots of other hall of famers couldn't even put up in 16 games.

O.J. had a pretty good rookie year to start off his career, as he would make the pro bowl and record over 1,000 scrimmage yards.

Although the next two years would be more underwhelming compared to the next five years. 1972-1976, O.J. had argubly one of the greatest peaks of any NFL player ever, as during two of those five years, he would record over 2,000 scrimmage yards, record over 5 yards per carry in three of those seasons, and record six yards per carry in 1973, while also leading the league in attempts with 332.

O.J. had his best season in 1975, where he would record over 2,200 scrimmage yards and 23 total touchdowns, but somehow finish second in MVP votes behind Fran Tarkenton. Though, O.J. would get his MVP in 1973, the year he recorded 2,073 yards while leading the league in total touches with 338.

Every single year during that five year span, O.J. would be selected to the pro bowl and earn a First-Team All-Pro selection.