Top 15 greatest draft picks in Buffalo Bills history

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3. Thurman Thomas, Running back, 1988 Draft

Another huge addition to the 90's Bills was Oklahoma State runningback, Thurman Thomas. This runningback is truly one of the most underrated players in the history of the NFL.

When people think of running backs that have played for the Bills, the first player people think of is O.J. Simpson. Although O.J. was an amazing player, people almost never mention the impact that Thurman Thomas brought during his prime.

Something that Thurman brought that O.J. didn't really bring was his catching ability and creating yards after the catch, which is an ability that many backs have in today's NFL. You could line up Thomas in the slot, backfield, outside, etc.

Thomas was also an elite runner as well, as he would rush for over four yards per carry with over 200 attempts in five seasons straight. Thomas was also a workhorse with over 2,800 career attempts, while also leading the league in attempts in 1993 with 355.

Thomas has had eight seasons with over 1,000 rushing yards and four seasons with over 500 receiving yards. From 1989-1993, Thomas made it to five straight pro bowls, earned First and Second All-Pro Team selections, and won NFL MVP in 1991. Not to mention he's also led the entire NFL in scrimmage yards from 1989-1992.

Along with a lot of Bills players on this list, Thomas was also with the team for over a decade, which is really rare, especially for a running back.