Top 15 greatest draft picks in Buffalo Bills history

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5. Joe DeLamielleure, Offensive Guard, 1973 Draft

Everybody remembers how dominant O.J. Simpson was in the 70's, and was considered the best running back of all time, right? Though, no one brings up the big-uglys that are up front that helped pave the way for runningbacks like O.J. One of those big-uglys is Joe DeLamielleure.

DeLamielleure was a dominant force for the Bills and throughout the entire NFL from day one. When there are discussions about best offensive linemen of all time, for some reason, this guy is always left out.

DeLamielleure should at least be brought up in that conversation due to his absolute dominance with the Bills, and being one of O.J.'s most trusted linemen ever. It's also not a coincidence that O.J. had his best years as soon as DeLamielleure joined the Bills (1973).

In the seven years that Delamielleure played for the Bills, he was selected to an All-Pro Team and a Pro Bowl in five of those years, which proves how dominant this man was in the trenches.