Top 15 greatest draft picks in Buffalo Bills history

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The NFL Draft is the time when athletes are given a chance to be drafted and play for an NFL team. This is a time when dreams are made for athletes that receive a chance to play in the NFL, or are crushed and are either forced to face reality or make it to the league a harder way than others.

Lots of these athletes that are drafted early are projected to be potential stars in the league, which usually is the case for a lot of these stars. Yet, it's not always a garuntee, because the transition from college to pros can be difficult for a lot of these athletes, even early round selections.

Every draft class also has some star athletes that are hidden in the later rounds that turn out to be just as good, or even better than a lot of players drafted earlier. Overall, drafting players is extremely important when it comes to building good teams and potential dynasties, especially in later rounds as well.

The Buffalo Bills drafting history have had some notable athletes that went on to become long-time, talented NFL players for the Bills franchise and in the league as a whole.

This list covers players that have done the most for the Bills organization, as well as the value of these players that were drafted in later rounds.