This AFC East stat will make Bills fans laugh

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Buffalo Bills fans are used to sitting at the top of the AFC East, coming off their fourth straight division title this past season. Prior to their division win in 2020, the Bills had gone 15 years without winning the AFC East so fans remember what it was like not to be at the top of the division.

That being said, it's been a lot longer since the New York Jets have won the AFC East, not doing so since 1992. Neal Discroll posted a graphic with every AFC East winner since 1970 and pointed out that not only are the Jets in last place in division titles but they even trail the Indianapolis Colts, who left the division when the Texans entered the league in 2002.

Jets have fewer AFC East titles than the Colts, who haven't been in the division for over 2 decades

The Jets only have two AFC East titles since 1970 while the Colts have six. It'll take quite a run from New York for them not to be in last place anymore.

If this were a few years ago, Bills fans wouldn't be laughing at this graphic but now that they've become dominant in the division, it's okay to laugh at a less fortunate team like the Jets. Even this past year when a lot of people thought the Jets might finally get over the hump, things didn't go their way and the Bills went on to win their fourth straight division title.

Let's hope this hilarious stat continues for a very long time.