These 5 players can make or break the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl chances

Buffalo Bills
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Josh Allen - Quarterback

Let's just get the obvious one out of the way. The Buffalo Bills likely only go as far as Josh Allen can take them; however, we've seen this team win without being dependent on Allen, and the Bills have become a much more balanced offense since Joe Brady took over as the offensive coordinator. That said, there will be times in the playoffs when Allen needs to be superhuman. The teams in postseason play are too good for the Bills to be able to simply run the ball and win that way.

Allen is more than capable of taking over a game, and Buffalo will need him to go out and do his thing. But is "doing his thing" always a good thing? No, it isn't however, numerous times this season, Allen has put the team on his back and put them in position to win in the end. Unfortunately, the defense didn't always hold up their end of the bargain but that was earlier in the year. This defense is playing outstanding right now and if Allen can go out there and be on his A-game, I don't believe a team in the league can keep up with this Bills team.