Stefon Diggs is still taking petty shots at Bills fans

Okay then.
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The Buffalo Bills traded their star receiver, Stefon Diggs, to the Houston Texans for basically nothing. Now, Diggs is continuing to go on a tirade against his former team.

Recently, Diggs was caught liking a tweet where someone accused Bills Mafia of being the worst fan base.

Stefon Diggs continue to dog on the Bills

Diggs spent the first five years of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, who then shipped Diggs to Buffalo in 2020. Diggs went on to play for the Bills for the next four years but it didn't come without drama. There was always something going on between Diggs and the Bills and finally, this offseason, they had enough.

The compensation the Bills got for Diggs is enough to show that they were ready to move on. They only received a second-round pick for the 2025 draft in return for Diggs while sending the receiver and two late-round picks (one for 2024 and one for 2025) to the Texans.

Now, the Texans did go on to void the final three years of Diggs' deal, which makes the deal a little more confusing for them. That being said, the Bills didn't surrender much at all to be rid of the dramatic receiver. Diggs liking this tweet is yet another example of the drama that comes with Diggs.

Bills fans are ready to move on and have a new group of receivers to root for. Hopefully, Diggs can find peace and move on from the break-up with the Bills as well.