Stefon Diggs once again shares cryptic quotes about future with Buffalo Bills

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills suffered another disappointing end to the season in the AFC Divisional Round at Highmark Stadium. The recent example was a 27-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs which followed a 27-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals to end their 2022 season.

After the Bengals loss last year, most of the offseason headlines surrounded Stefon Diggs who made some interesting quotes leading up to the Super Bowl. It raised the question if Diggs wanted out of Buffalo and the noise only got louder when he missed the first mandatory practice of OTAs.

It appears we are heading for a repeat as Diggs was interviewed recently ahead of the Pro Bowl and was vague in his response to questions.

Stefon Diggs 'doesn't have any surprises right now' about his future with the Buffalo Bills

NFL Network's Cameron Wolfe posted a video of his interview with Stefon Diggs and asked a wide range of questions about how the season ended, his relationship with Josh Allen, and whether he believes he will be back in Buffalo next season.

Diggs response at the end might be the most telling at where things stands with the former All-Pro wide receiver and his current team.

""I don't know, as far as the money and all that type of stuff, I can't control none of that. I just put my hat on. It is a long offseason ahead of me and as far as the future holds, I don't have any surprises right now.""

Even if Stefon Diggs wants to be traded this season, and he isn't coming out and saying that, it would be very tough for the Bills to get a deal done because of his contract. According to Spotrac, if the Bills were to trade Diggs before June 1st, it would result in over $31 million in dead cap and result in costing the Bills $3 million in cap space.

If the two sides are not able to reach an agreement and Stefon Diggs is dead set on not playing in Buffalo in 2024, the Bills could trade him after June 1st which would spread out the dead cap. It would result in $8 million dead cap for this season and $22 million next season but result in over $19 million in cap savings for this offseason.

Regardless of whether or not Stefon Diggs plays in Buffalo this upcoming season, this is a situation that won't be resolved anytime soon. This means that these questions are only going to persist for the next few months.