Stefon Diggs seems to still want to be with Buffalo Bills despite drama

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Von Miller also confirms Diggs wants to remain with Buffalo Bills

Shortly after Josh Allen's comments, another leading voice of the Bills took the mic, Von Miller. The future Hall of Famer spoke highly of Diggs, even saying that he wouldn't be in Buffalo if Diggs wasn't there. Even more than Josh Allen did, Miller kept saying that the whole situation is nothing to worry about.

Miller told reporters that he just spoke with Stefon Diggs two weeks ago and Diggs wants to be in Buffalo, and they want to win a Super Bowl here. Miller again said it is nothing to worry about.

All off-season, fans have feared that Diggs has wanted out since the rocky end to the season. It's actually quite ironic, the current height of the Diggs' drama has brought about more insurance that the star player is not going anywhere.

So, if you're one of those fans who has had their heart in their throat all day worried about losing Diggs; through the smoke of all this drama, it only has become more clear that Diggs wants to remain a Buffalo Bill. Not to mention, if he wanted out, why would he go through all the trouble of trying to fix things?