Sleepers Buffalo Bills drafted who could become stars in the near future

The Buffalo Bills had a solid draft, adding some key pieces to their roster. Some of these guys could become stars.
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Travis Carter - Offensive Tackel, International Pathways Program

I could be completely wrong and that is the most likely outcome too. These players don't often turn out to be NFL players, but it does happen. The best example is the Philadelphia Eagles' current starting left tackle, Jordan Mailata, who became the Eagles' starting left tackle in 2020, and was also a former rugby player. Can Travis Carter follow in Malata's footsteps? Time will tell but he possesses all the traits to be a dominant left tackle in this league. He is 6'7" and weighs over 300 pounds, with a 40-time of 4.79. He has impressive size and athleticism.

The problem is, he's never played a single down of American Football, let alone seen anything that remotely resembles an NFL playbook. When Malada first came into the league and was handed a playbook, he said it was like trying to learn a new language. Fortunately, for Carter and the Bills, the way the International Pathway Program is designed, allows teams to develop these players without having to protect them from being stolen from the practice squad or counting against their roster numbers.