Sleepers Buffalo Bills drafted who could become stars in the near future

The Buffalo Bills had a solid draft, adding some key pieces to their roster. Some of these guys could become stars.
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DeWayne Carter - Defensive Tackle, Duke

DeWayne Carter reminds me a lot of Kyle Williams. Very similar builds in both height and weight. Carter has Williams by an inch in height. Williams was a fifth-round pick and became one the greatest defensive tackles in Bills history, and I think Carter could become an excellent defensive tackle for the Bills. The one thing that stands out to me with Carter is his non-stop motor. He slots to fit in behind Ed Oliver as the team's number two 3-technique defensive tackle. He'll come in on day one and earn some early-season snaps.

He'll have to wait for an opportunity to become a full-time starter though, since he will be backing up Oliver unless he can show an ability to play the 1-technique role at a high level. He may not have the size to do that, but Oliver is under contract through the 2027 season, in which he'll turn 31. Buffalo might award him an extension between now and then, but Carter will give the Bills reason to reconsider that thought, or perhaps they would play them alongside each other.