Sleepers Buffalo Bills drafted who could become stars in the near future

The Buffalo Bills had a solid draft, adding some key pieces to their roster. Some of these guys could become stars.
Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills went into the 2024 NFL Draft with some glaring needs, and they did a good job of addressing most of those. However, we all know it's very likely some of these guys may not make it in this league and some might not make the roster. The Bills could potentially lose some to other teams if they get plucked off the practice squad as we saw last season when the Houston Texans stole both of the Bills' final two picks from the 2023 Draft.

We have no idea how this draft class will perform, but that won't stop us from speculating about their outcomes. Brandon Beane has done well on Day Three in years past adding players such as Khalil Shakir, Matt Milano, and Christian Benford. All three of these guys have become full-time starters and in the case of Shakir and Benford, could become stars with breakout seasons in 2024. But what about this 2024 draft class?

Sure, I have a few draft prospects with breakout potential in the next few years. But remember, the NFL Draft is a gamble. Even the top pick is a mystery, just like Mr. Irrelevant. It doesn't matter what round they are selected in, no one knows how these guys will perform at the next level. In many cases, we won't know anything for sure, until a few years down the road. However, the more dart throws you get, the greater your odds of hitting a bullseye. The Bills had ten picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, and I have three guys in this class that I feel good about.

Buffalo Bills 2024 NFL Draft class sleeper picks

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