Should Buffalo Bills re-sign A.J. Epenesa or Leonard Floyd?

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Why the Buffalo Bills should re-sign A.J. Epenesa

If the Buffalo Bills are able to bring back A.J. Epenesa then it likely will be on a multi-year deal and the former second round pick would be a long-term piece to the position. The Bills typically rotate four defensive ends during the game and is one of the reasons why it is rare for a player at this position to play more than 60% of the defensive snaps.

Epenesa is a player that over the past two years has really improved and at only 25 years old still may not even be in the prime of his career. The Bills are unlikely to see Epenesa as a starter but could fit that role as the third pass rusher.

He also does a great job disrupting the pass with the amount of pass breakups he has. When Epenesa is not able to get to the quarterback, he is able to stop and get his hands up to deflect the pass.

Between the two, Epenesa would expect to get the bigger contract but being a multi-year deal the Bills could spread the dollars out and lower that cap hit for this season.