Should the Bills draft a quarterback to backup Josh Allen?

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While the Buffalo Bills have their issues that will need to be resolved before next season, one issue that they for sure do not have is their franchise quarterback. There are teams throughout the NFL that have had a revolving door of quarterbacks in recent memory but the Bills were able to put the issue to rest when Josh Allen solidified himself as the franchise in the second half of his rookie season. Another benefit that the Bills have had with Allen is health. Sure, he has been banged up but he has not missed a game since his rookie season.

Since 2018, the Bills have had backup quarterbacks like Derek Anderson, Nathan Peterman, Matt Barkley, Mitch Trubisky, Case Keenum and Kyle Allen. It has been a revolving door for them at a position that is crucial because of the way Allen plays the game. Even though he has been able to avoid a big injury up to this point in his career, Allen is no longer 24 years old and able to hurdle defenders like he did early on with in his career. His physicality on the field is a gift but a massive risk. All it takes is one hit and it could affect Allen moving forward. Which then leads to the question whether his backup can keep the Bills competitive.

When you look at the way the Bills' offense operates, Allen is the motor that keeps everything running as smoothly as possible. If the worst case scenario were to ever occur where Allen has to miss time, would the backup for Buffalo be able to step in and give some of the same game that Allen does? Looking at previous backups under Buffalo, if it came down to trusting a guy like Kyle Allen or Mitch Trubisky having to carry the offense, Buffalo would more than likely be in a world of trouble. This situation could easily be solved for the Bills for the near-future by drafting someone rather than signing a backup to a one-year deal year after year.

Should the Bills draft a quarterback in April to backup Allen for the near-future?

There is no doubt that the Bills have more pressing needs, but it is important to think about what would happen to the Bills should Allen get injured. In 2020, the Bills drafted former Georgia Bulldogs' quarterback Jake Fromm but he was never utilized as anything other than a practice squad player. He has since then played for the New York Giants and Washington Commanders.

If the Bills are able to get a quarterback like Notre Dame's Sam Hartman, who will be 25 years old by the start of the season, this will allow the Bills to get a cheap rookie contract on a quarterback who can develop behind Allen for the forseeable future but also bring a mature mindset to the most important position in football.

The Bills will obviously need to address this position seeing as Kyle Allen will be a free agent. However, it might be best to invest any kind of free agency money at other positions and lock down the quarterback spot for at minimum two to three years.


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