How many rushing touchdowns will Josh Allen have against the Chiefs

I've got a few crazy thoughts about how this game could play and here they are. Check them at your own risk and agree or disagree.
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Josh Allen will have two rushing touchdowns against the Chiefs

Josh Allen has nine rushing touchdowns this season, tying a career-high. He'll very likely pass that mark at some point this season and I think it will happen this weekend against the Chiefs. Allen has run much less this season than in years past but he's being smarter about when he runs. I think Brady will utilize Allen's running ability, particularly close to the goal line.

I also see Allen running away from pressure and picking up yards and a score this way. The Chiefs are good at pressuring the quarterback, which means Allen will need to make some plays with his legs. He'll make some plays with his arm too but if he can make the Chiefs pay for being aggressive in their pass-rush, it'll slow the rush down as the game continues. I've got Allen with two rushing touchdowns this weekend and surpassing his career high.