How many rushing touchdowns will Josh Allen have against the Chiefs

I've got a few crazy thoughts about how this game could play and here they are. Check them at your own risk and agree or disagree.
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It's been arguably the longest bye week in the history of the Buffalo Bills. But a win this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs would go a long way in putting some of that behind us and moving forward. This game is pivotal in the Bills' playoff hopes. While they wouldn't be mathematically eliminated, a loss here, all but throws their chances out the window.

The Bills are more than capable of winning and could be a win that propels them through the remainder of the season. For the last three years, Buffalo has closed out the season with at least a four-game win streak. In 2020, they finished with six in a row, 2021 with four, and last season they closed out with an incredible seven straight.

Heading into this game, both teams bring a terrific pass rush. The Bills have 41 sacks on the season, third in the league and the Chiefs with 39, ranking them sixth. Neither team has a player in double-digit sacks either. Their pass-rush production is a team effort and will be front and center in this game. Both teams have solid offensive lines as well; however, the Chiefs will be without their starting right tackle, which the Bills might be able to take advantage of.

This game pits the Bills' strength, their offense against the Chiefs' strength, which is their defense. Don't get me wrong, the Chiefs are capable of making plays on the offensive side but they aren't what we're used to. The same can be said about the Bills defense, they can get after the quarterback but Mahomes has been great at avoiding the pressure and using his legs to pick up first downs. It'll be crucial for the Bills to keep an eye on him, maybe even assign a spy. With that, here are my five bold and outrageous predictions for the Bills versus the Chiefs.