Regular season record predictions before Buffalo Bills training camp

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Weeks 13-18 for the Buffalo Bills

Week 13.) Bye Week

Week 14.) @ Kansas City Chiefs

A familiar rival the last three seasons. For the third straight season, the Bills will travel to Kansas City for a battle with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. In the regular season only, the Bills have owned the Chiefs on their home field, having won the last two previous regular season matchups in 2021 and 2022. This game could easily become one of those games where it is a fight for the number one seed which would affect other seedings. 

The Chiefs are the team to beat in the NFL and the Bills matchup up against the Chiefs better than others. Since 2018, the Chiefs have only lost five games in the month of December which makes them a threat when the playoff seedings start to become solidified.

In this December matchup, the Bills give the Chiefs their sixth loss in the month of December since Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback and the Bills pick up their third consecutive regular season win in Arrowhead.

Record: 9-4

Week 15.) vs Dallas Cowboys

This is going to be a fun game to watch. Football in the snow in Western New York and the Bills host the Cowboys with playoffs implications on the line. The last time these two teams met, Allen showed the world that he was the franchise for the Bills with his toughness displayed and the beatdown the Bills gave to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 2019.

Buffalo has won the last two matchups against the Cowboys (26-15 in 2019 and 16-6 in 2015). Dak Prescott will already have eyes on him to help the Cowboys get into the playoffs, but now he will have to do it against a rowdy Bills Mafia crowd in the snow. 

Depending on the weather, this game could easily become a ground game in which whoever makes the least mistakes will end up winning. While the Cowboys have a great pass rush, Allen should find a way to overcome it and utilize his skillset to get the Bills the victory. 

Record: 10-4

Week 16.) @ Los Angeles Chargers - Saturday Night

Getting away from the cold weather temporarily, the Bills head to southern California to take on an AFC powerhouse in the Los Angeles Chargers. Much like the Bills, the Chargers also have a big quarterback who can sling it down the field.

On paper, the Chargers have a very talented roster. However, they have had the worst of luck when it came to the end of the regular season or even the playoffs. The last time these two teams met, the Bills sneaked by the Chargers in a closer game than expected, winning 27-17. 

It is safe to say that both of these teams will more than likely be competing for a playoff spot at this point, if they already have not earned one by now. The big factor in this game? It will come down to coaching and decision-making.

Say what you want about Sean McDermott, Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has made some very questionable calls that have cost the Chargers. Two days before Christmas, the Bills celebrate with joy in a win over the Chargers to potentially put them in the playoffs. 

Record: 11-4

Week 17.) vs New England Patriots

In this divisional home game, the Bills host Bill Belichick and the Patriots. In their first matchup in October, I had the Bills picking up the win in Gillette. For this potential cold game, the only way I see the Patriots have a chance to win this game is if their running attack gets going and is not contained. Make Mac Jones beat the Bills, which he has not proven yet in his career without a running game. 

The Bills have not lost to the Patriots since December of 2021 and that streak will continue with the Bills sweeping the Patriots for the second year in a row. 

Record: 12-4

Week 18.) @ Miami Dolphins

The Bills should already be in the playoffs at this point, but this game could easily be for the AFC East championship. As stated before, the Dolphins are the team in the division who should best challenge the Bills for the division.

In their first matchup, I had the Bills defeating the Dolphins. Who knows where the Dolphins will be at record wise in the last week of the regular season?

If the Bills already have the division locked up, the Bills may not need to play their starters. If the Bills are going for the division championship, then Allen and the starters will be playing all four quarters. In this highly anticipated game, the Bills should already have the division secured so the starters may not need to play the entire game.

This would give the Dolphins an easier edge to win and potentially get into the playoffs themselves if they are not in already. The Bills “lose” this game and head into the playoffs. 

Record: 12-5